About Us

Our Production Goals

Energy flows where attention goes. Hueman Productions creates meaningful and inspirational media to tell real stories that reveal the amazing wonder of our world. If you are working to make the Earth a better place, or to strengthen networks in your community, we want to help you tell your story. We are dedicated to working to share inspirational and meaningful art and stories.

We create art intended to give people an opportunity to look at life from a new perspective, whether it be a new culture, or the perspective of a plant, animal or other life forms.

The Vision is clear...

We are in the midst of a creative revolution; the world needs alternative and artistic perspectives that acknowledge problems and provides solutions. By focusing on the silver linings and vibrant hues in life, we can improve our ability to envision a better tomorrow. Hueman Productions is committed to nudging the narrative of humanity towards a more harmonious reality with the natural world.

Common themes:

  • Natural history and interpretation
  • Non-profit organizations, promotions, educational stories, etc.
  • Environmental transformation opportunities, issues and justice
  • Travel opportunities & geographic awareness
  • Social transformation opportunities, issues and justice
  • Culture diversity and preservation, Indigenous peoples and Tribal Nations
  • Volunteering & service projects

Our adventure-seeking world travelers are equipped with the tools to take their storytelling skills to a global platform. We see digital media as a new and vibrant way of storytelling, something humans have done around the campfire for millennia. Sometimes people need a story more than they need food. We work to fulfill that need with a positive footprint.

Our History

Hueman Productions began in 2006 in the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The goal was to travel as volunteers. Over time, our passions turned into our work, and our volunteer projects turned into film projects.

Filming gave a whole new level of purpose to our life of adventure. We emerged from the Amazon ready to show everyone that the world is still beautiful, full of wonder. We want to help and learn from those who are working to improve the quality of life for humans and wildlife around the globe.

Our journey began with wild roots, but it was bound for an office. The dream of being filmmakers turned into the reality of becoming professionals—cinematographers, photographers, editors, graphic designers, music producers, campaign managers and business owners. We are digital storytellers who document the beauty and share the wisdom from the stories that unfold around us.


Meet the Team

Our journey began with wild roots, but it was bound for an office. The dream of being filmmakers turned into the reality of becoming professionals...