Our Services

Interested in hiring Hueman Productions to bring out those unique hues that make your story special? Here is a simple list that gives you an idea of how the process works and how you can customize your video projects.


Three easy steps to get started

  1. Contact us with an idea and fill out our questionnaire.
  2. We will respond with a free competitive quote based on the frame work you customize to fit your needs.
  3. Let’s schedule a date and get started.

Simply submit your pitch to us and we will get back to you with a free, competitive quote for whatever service best fits your needs. Contact Us.

We Can Help Tell Your Story, document an event, or start a new campaign!

Services Include...

  1. Pre-production: planning, storyboarding, scheduling, etc.
  2. Production: Blocking, filming, interviews.
  3. Post production: Editing, color correction, audio polish.
  4. Share your new video(s) as DVDs or easily embedded online videos.
  5. Social media marketing - spread awareness through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more!
  6. Event planning - marketing, organizing, and set production to create the best event to showcase your new content.


We can produce what you need...

Every project is different. You can count on our team of filmmakers to help identify what type of video will most effectively communicate your message. Certain subjects may work best as individual promotional videos or a multi-episode web series. If the scope or complexity of your project is best suited as a short film or documentary, we can execute every step of the process on a competitive budget.


Equipment Options

No matter how rugged or dynamic the situation, we offer the film equipment to best capture the audio and video your project needs. We specialize in utilizing lightweight and highly portable cameras, audio, and lighting equipment. We have the tools to execute every step of a professional film production.