Our Team

Our team is made up of dedicated employees and freelance artists with whom we can work globally. The nature of film production and distribution is very fluid and dynamic. We have individuals who specialize in video production, audio, graphic design and social media.




Founder & Executive Director


Hugh (“Hueman”) began his film career in 2006 while exploring the depths of the Amazon as a volunteer. Over ten years of professional experience as a naturalist, experiential educator, and wilderness guide has prepared him to be a great storyteller. Hueman says, “Traveling and working in the wilderness teaches us how to accomplish monumental goals with minimal resources.”

Hugh holds a BA in Conservation Biology and Adventure Education from Prescott College. The conservation documentary Viva la Verde, has inspired thousands of people in the southwest to be more water-wise. In 2014, thanks to the film’s Kickstarter campaign and its 187 individual backers, Hugh was able to complete the director's cut of the film for distribution.

After college, Hugh created Hueman Productions, an independent film production company to serve the growing number of environmental and social justice groups around the globe. He has worked as an independent cinematographer, editor, producer and director for many environmental and social justice film projects since 2008. Hugh continues to travel and make films. His ultimate goal is to use video to help others make their dreams a reality and to paint a clear picture of the positive future that we can all work towards.



Environmental Educator and Film Tour Coordinator


With more than 10 years of experience as an outdoor experiential educator and wilderness program manager, Greg is excited to combine established experiential techniques with new & creative uses of technology, fun activities, and film. He works to educate and inspire diverse audiences to take action in their own communities. He appreciates working with professionals who share a passion for conservation, education and the powerful medium that film provides. As Film Tour Manager, he is in charge of event planning, outreach and fundraising. He will also assist with filming, editing and production of future projects.

Greg Says, ”I work with film because I believe in the power of storytelling. Film can take a place, a person, or an issue and turn it into a beautiful, compelling and engulfing audio-visual story that is meaningful and thought-provoking. I am proud to use art to educate audiences about causes that I believe in.”



Mural Mice Universal, Viva la Verde Animation Artist


Born and raised in Potsdam New York, Margaret moved to Arizona in 2005. She is co-founder of Mural Mice Universal and director of the Mousterpiece Theater Company. She co-produced and painted murals in Prescott and Mesa, AZ. She now resides in Flagstaff where she continues to paint murals, beautify public space and cultivate community pride.

Her work can be seen on the website: muralmice.com



Mural Mice Universal, Viva la Verde Illustrator


R. E. Wall is a community minded public artist hailing from Flagstaff AZ. He lived and worked in Prescott, Arizona for eighteen years where he founded Mural Mice Universal in 2004. He directed the Prescott Downtown Mural Project from 2005-2011, a project that collaborated with over 2,500 Prescott citizens to create murals of enduring value in public spaces. He is prolific in mixed medias, including calligraphy, pen and ink, acrylic, watercolor, oil and airbrush.

His work can be seen on the website: muralmice.com



Music Producer


Music Producer Jonathan Best has performed on the street corners of New York City, in churches with gospel groups, on stage with the Drifters, and toured the world with Talking Heads leader David Byrne. He owned and ran a recording studio in New York City. Working with the Maasai tribe in Kenya to build a media center, he learned how music played by an entire village can help sustain a community, which led him to form the non-profit “ComMUSIKey” dedicated to building community through all-inclusive music making. He travels wherever called to spread musical truth.

His work can be seen on the website: commusikey.org/



Photographer & Graphic Design


Daniel is an international travel writer, photographer, guide and editor who has journeyed across 25 different countries throughout Asia, Europe, the Mideast and the Americas. He has spent the last three years living in China and Myanmar documenting food, culture, society, and the natural landscape for travel and lifestyle magazines. In 2009, he received the Carol Crowe Memorial Scholarship in Photography from the Glassell School of Art, and was awarded the 2013 Suzanne Tito Prize in Poetry from Alligator Juniper National Literary Journal. He received his BFA degree in Creative Writing from Prescott College in 2012. He has also contributed to various newspapers, magazines, community events, and online media throughout Northern Arizona.

Daniel's work can be seen as an active search for the texture of life. His photography blends the still-life artifacts of everyday occurrences with striking, candid portraiture and vast landscapes in order to convey the importance and impermanence of human life; it is a testament to the variety and complexity of our human experience.

His work can be seen on his website: daniel-roca-creative.com


TY LEWIS aka TyLove

Music Production and Graphic Design


Ty is a visionary artist, poet and multi-instrumentalist from Portland Oregon. A student of science, computers, nature and spirit, a seeker of truth,Ty is constantly re- discovering himself through present creation and making dreams a reality. As a gentle warrior of the Universal Language, he shares sonic vibes passionately while humbly riding the turning tides of synchronicity. He is grounded to Earth, intuitively inspired and devoted to generating awareness, positive adaptation, world unity and love through vulnerable authenticity,courageous conversation, enthusiasm and geeking out with technology. Tyler guides listeners through a musical journey of atmospheric thought, flavors of musical timbres and expressions of raw sonic emotion.

Visit his work at http://trl4u.bandcamp.com/



Film Producer


Eden studied multimedia production at Hawaii Pacific University for two years before transferring to Prescott College in 2010 where he received his BA in Field Ecology for Conservation and Restoration. While studying the natural history of the southwest, Eden was inspired to begin working with Hueman Productions, assisting with the filming and editing of Viva la Verde, a feature length documentary profiling the ecological significance and conservation importance of the Verde River. Eden is an aspiring cameraman as well as a skilled and creative editor, working in film production since 2008, he is inspired by the power of film to promote public awareness of ecological and social issues as well as to foster a sense of stewardship and integration of the natural world.



Production Crew


Anna received her BA degree in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University. In her first couple years, she mostly worked in studio media such as sculpture and printmaking. By her senior year, she had fallen in love with video and devoted all of her waking hours to various non-fiction projects, culminating in a video documenting a team of geologists in the high desert. Since school, Anna has worked as an outdoor educator, seeking avenues to expose young people to the wonders of the natural world. Throughout the last several years, Anna has also sought out links between nature and art. Whether researching Earthworks in the Southwest or working at Arcosanti, ecologically mind architectural project, she explores ways in which humans can work with nature to achieve the extraordinary.